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Electric Dab Bong


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Electric dabber bong. With 3 temperature setting for the perfect puff every time. No more stress of heating up with a torch and no more burning your throat! This new technology is perfect for someone that loves to take big puffs of any extracts multiple times a day. Just simply press the power button for 3 seconds and enjoy a perfectly heated puff every time!

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 Red Dragon FSE (1G)
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SOC Electric Dab Bong:

Green Gold Pharma presents the SOC Portable Electric Dab Bong. Currently the number 1 Electric Dab Bong on the market. The SOC Electric Dab Bong and  Wax Vaporizer features a portable concentrate dab rig that is powered by an integrated 2600mAh battery and offers a simple, easy-to-use single button operation. The device can be disassembled into three different parts: a ceramic atomizer, a base that contains the chip and battery capacity, and a glass section. The glass section can be removed via plug ‘n’ play method from the base for easy cleaning and filling.

This device contains an intelligent chipset that efficiently obtains the temperature you need with ease depending on your choice of setting. There are 4 different temperature settings that can be adjusted by clicking on the single firing button three times. Each setting is color-coordinated with a temperature setting depending on how much concentrate you have filled into the chamber.

The settings are the following – Blue: 400°F – For small-sized loads, Green: 500°F – For medium-sized loads, Red: 550°F – For large-sized loads, White: 600°F – For extra large-sized loads. The SOC E-nail Device also features a “Sesh Peak Mode” which can be activated by double-clicking the power button after you have set the temperature. What the mode does is increase the temperature and extend your session by 15 seconds. This device is set to elevate your vaping experience to a new level!

How to clean the SOC Vaporizer Kit:

The SOC Electric Dab Bong can be deconstructed for maximum ease. When cleaning this Electric Dab Bong , the user should first remove the glass chamber from the device and clean that separately. The carb cap and the glass can both be cleaned by soaking in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsed with water. The atomizer of the device can be fully disassembled to ensure that it can be cleaned efficiently. Make sure to clean the gold connector on the base and the bottom of the atomizer with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. If anything is having an issue coming apart, do not forcefully take it apart. Finally, after cleaning make sure that all pieces are dry and cooled before reassembling.

Features and Specs:

FeaturesIntegrated 2600mAh Battery

SOC (System of Chip) – chipset

Temperature Control

LED Light Settings

  • Blue: 400°F – For small sized loads
  • Green: 500°F – For medium sized loads
  • Red: 550°F – For large sized loads
  • White: 600°F – For extra large sized loads

Peak Sesh Mode


SpecsSingle Button Operation

Rubber Matte Finish

Hand Blown Glass

You Receive:

  • SOC Base/ 2600 mAh Li-Ion Battery
    • Glass Attachment
    • Atomizer
    • Carb Cap
    • Atomizer Cover
    • (3) Ceramic Bowls (one pre-installed)
    • (3) Cotton Swabs
    • (2)Alcohol Pads
    • Loading Tool
    • USB Cable
    • Wax Container
    • User Manual


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