General questions

If you don’t receive your package within 48 hours after the expected arrival date, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We will not be held liable lost orders due to:
wrong address/unit # given by customer
stolen packages after delivery

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation which can take up to two weeks to complete

 With our all new 24-48 hour Canada wide shipping we do not provide a shipping number. All orders received before 4PM EST will be sent out and in most cases are received by 9AM next day. With our shipping being so quick by the time we enter tracking into the system you should already have your order. We will send out a confirmation email after each order. 

Once your order has shipped, it usually 24-48 hours.

If for some reason after 48 hours you do not receive your order, please wait another 48 hours and contact us and we will look into it for you.  (Business days.)

** Please note Canada Post may experience delays that are beyond our control. Such as on Statutory Holidays, Holiday Seasons, Covid-19 back up and when experiencing extreme weather conditions **

Not at this time. We are looking into cryptocurrencies. Please check back at a later date.

Here at Green Gold Pharma we take your privacy serious. We DO NOT keep any information that we do not need. We also refuse to collect cookies and other private information like other websites. We believe that what you buy on here is your right and no one else’s.

Other questions

At Green Gold Pharma we are committed to providing our members with top quality products. Unhappy with the quality of a product you received? Please reach out to let us know!

If you feel you have received a product that is not up to quality standards please provide the following details:

  • The order number that the product was received in
  • The name of the product
  • Details outlining the product quality issue

*Please ensure to include photos or a video of the product.

Once we have these details, we will do our best to resolve any product quality issues with you as fast as possible.

*Please note: We DO NOT accept returns.  However, if you’re unhappy with one of our products, please email our support team within 24 hours from the delivery date and we will try our best to resolve the issue. Any incorrect orders older than 48 hours after receiving cannot resolved.

Our system only moves orders into processing once your e-Transfer has been matched against your order number (included in the notes section of your e-Transfer). After it has been accepted your order will be moved to processing.

*Please allow up to 2 hours for the Interact e-Transfer to deliver your funds to our payment system.

If your order remains on hold for longer than 12 hours and your e-transfer is still pending, this is because we have not received your payment or you did not follow the instructions provided when sending the e-transfer.

Transfers are set to auto deposit, if your bank does not allow you to do auto deposit. You can set the question to something easy and email it to us in our support section with your order number.

Example: What color is the sky?

Answer: Blue

If your e-Transfer is still pending, or has not been received, this could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. We were unable to match your payment to your order when no order number is included in the notes section of your e-Transfer
  2. We have not received your e-Transfer because you have sent the payment to the incorrect email address.
  3. Your bank has flagged the transaction as suspicious, and needs to be contacted for confirmation to proceed with the transfer.
  4. If your payment has been sent with a secret question it might delay your order to next day.

If your order’s payment can not be accepted due to any of the reasons above you will be notified with an email from the accounts team. If no payment is received after 24 hours, your order will automatically be cancelled and can not be re-opened again, a new order must be made.

Not receiving any order confirmation email with payment instructions or tracking information? Please make sure to check your spam and junk folders. You may also have to right click on our e-mail and save us to your contacts.